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We no longer offer sweeping as a primary service. Please see our other services or contact us with questions. 


We no longer offer sweeping as a primary service. We still offer sweeping for existing customers and customers who use other services. 

Our services

Parking Lots

Make sure your business looks clean and inviting! We provide sweeping services for parking lots and can schedule your project after hour so you wont have any disruption to your customers.

Indoor Parking Garage

Our sweepers are compact and efficient. we are able to get in to the low hanging areas that others aren’t able to do. Call us today to get an estimate on sweeping your indoor parking garage or low clearance parking area.


YPS provides sweeping services for subdivisions as well! we are able to sweep both your streets as well as sidewalks. After a winter full of sanding, its time to get your neighborhood looking great. 


Why Sweeping is Needed

Parking lot and Street sweeping is a vitally important aspect of your pavement maintenance. Not only will sweeping provide a more aesthetically appealing storefront or neighborhood, but it also acts to remove the debris that will cause pavement to degrade over time or impact the safety of your parking lot. Yellowstone Pavement Solutions is your go to contractor when it comes to parking lot and street sweeping services. We have a professional and dedicated crew who will work with you on your next sweeping project.

Parking Lot Sweeping, Street Sweeping and Warehouse Sweeping in Bozeman Montana