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Asphalt Repair

After saw cutting and removing the damaged asphalt, hot asphalt is laid and thoroughly compacted. Commonly used for pothole repair, asphalt patching is a highly effective repair solution without having to replace the entirety of the asphalt area.

Pothole Repair

A Sign of Advanced Degradation on a Surface

Potholes are usually the final stages of an asphalt surfaces life. These form from the sub base losing its rigidity and allowing water to seep through the pavement. We see a lot of alligator cracking that eventually turns in to potholes. At Yellowstone Pavement Solutions, we use a cost effective cold mix asphalt. This is nearly identical to a hot mix asphalt put down on streets and roads, however it is made in small batches and with cutback additives instead of heat. The solution we provide is very viable in small pothole situations. It is cheaper than the other guys and can be driven on almost immediately. Give us a call today if you have pesky potholes that need a solution!

Pothole Repair