Sealcoating is vital to maintain your asphalt parking lot. At Yellowstone Pavement Solutions we specialize in all things asphalt maintenance. This includes crack repair, sealcoating, line striping and pot hole repair. We operate throughout Montana including; Bozeman, Belgrade, Billings, Three Forks, Ennis, Helena, Butte and Missoula.

About Yellowstone Pavement Solutions

Yellowstone Pavement Solutions was established under the premise that all businesses and individuals deserve top customer care and support when it comes to their asphalt maintenance project. Through 13 combined years in construction and asphalt paving as well as educational backgrounds in Construction Engineering and Business Management, we assure you that we can deliver the quality you demand with customer service that cannot be matched in our industry. It is incredibly frustrating to try and get a project started only to have the contractors never call you back, or worse yet, waste your time in meeting with you and never provide you or your business a quote.


There is no Job Too Big or Too Small for YPS

We specialize in both residential and commercial sealcoating, line striping, crack filling and pothole repair. Our equipment is clean and well maintained and our crews will treat you and your property with respect. The products that we use are specially designed for the harsh climate of Southwestern Montana and are non-toxic to people, pets and the surrounding environment. We are incredibly fortunate to be able to both work and live in the Gallatin Valley and be part of such a vibrant and supportive community.

Meet the Owners

Nate Gervenak - Asphalt Technician

Nate Gervenak, Asphalt Technician

There isn’t much to life besides to do the right thing. And to do the right thing, you’ve got to try to do the right thing. Yellowstone Pavement Solutions is my best attempt to do that right thing.

I enjoy many aspects of our company, particularly my work to improve our processes, efficiency, and quality. And I love working with others to get that done. At the end of the day that means better customer service for you and a higher quality product. It also means that our company receives the opportunity to grow and expand into a place of employment that is stable, while still being a place to challenge ideas and put those ideas into action.


I don’t believe that we are just another maintenance contractor trying to earn a dollar. We’re a place for innovation, friendship, community, failure, success and ultimately growth. We just happen to support all of those things by providing our customers with asphalt maintenance.  

Luke Surma, Project Engineer

Hi, my name is Luke Surma and I am a Project Engineer at Yellowstone Pavement Solutions. I graduated from the Construction Engineering Technology Program at Montana State University and have spent the better part of my working career in Road Construction with an emphasis in Asphalt Paving and Maintenance. I grew up in Central Minnesota where my family owned and operated a paving company, which gave me an incredible leg up in learning the industry at a very early age. I started in High School raking and shoveling behind a Blaw-Knox 5510 paver. I was able to work in all aspects of the paving operation from milling and dirt work to the asphalt plant and paving crew. This lasted the better part of 6 years and I loved every minute of it. I always look forward to a challenge and I can’t wait to hear about yours!

Yellowstone Pavement Solutions. Sealcoating, line striping and crack repair in Montana.

The Crew

Yellowstone Pavement Solutions. Sealcoating, line striping and crack repair in Montana.

Tanner Stenglien

Yellowstone Pavement Solutions. Sealcoating, line striping and crack repair in Montana.

Ted Nelson

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