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Commercial Sealcoating

There really is no job too large for YPS. We take pride in having a detailed work plan prepared for our client prior to any sealcoating. This way both YPS and the client are on the same page and the job runs smoothly. 

Residential Sealcoating

It’s not easy keeping up with the Jones’. Sealcoating is a necessary maintenance project for all asphalt surfaces and has the added effect of making your driveway look brand new. Give us a call today and we would be happy to get you on our sealcoating schedule.

Alligator Patching

Alligator cracking usually spells the end for any asphalt surface. It is an indication of a complete subsurface failure. We have a quickset overlay that works perfectly to try and squeeze as much life out of your asphalt as possible. Don’t pay for an expensive remove and replace when we can do the same for a fraction of the cost.

Asphalt Sealing

Why Sealcoating is Necessary

Sealcoating a driveway is like painting the exterior of your house. Your end goal is not to create a new structure. Sealcoat is not meant to address any of the serious areas of wear and tear you may have. The purpose it to add a protective layer and make sure your structural component (Your asphalt driveway) is protected from the elements. Sealcoating is a necessary maintenance solution for all asphalt surfaces.

Through natural processes, the oils in a bituminous aggregate (asphalt) break down and oxidize. This oxidation is very visible in grey and brittle parking lots and driveways. Sealcoating will add the protection necessary to stop the oxidation of oils in the asphalt, leading to a significant increase in life. Oxidation will lead to a complete breakdown of your asphalt.

Sealcoat works to lock in oils in asphalt, giving the pavement more flexibility. Flexibility also helps to keep pavement from cracking under a shifting base layer.

Hairline fractures will begin to appear shortly after a new asphalt surface is paved. These hairline cracks are cause by inadequate compaction on the sub layers below the asphalt. When these cracks appear, they give an easy route for water to enter the asphalt and begin its freeze-thaw cycle of destruction. Sealcoating works to fill in these hairline cracks to make sure your asphalt surface is impermeable to water intrusion.

Sealcoating is vital to maintain your asphalt parking lot. At Yellowstone Pavement Solutions we specialize in all things asphalt maintenance. This includes crack repair, sealcoating, line striping and pot hole repair. We operate throughout Montana including; Bozeman, Belgrade, Billings, Three Forks, Ennis, Helena, Butte and Missoula.

Sealcoating FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

How Much Does it Cost?

This is obviously one of the biggest questions in regards to sealcoating that is the most difficult to answer. Our residential sealcoating averages $0.17- $0.22 per square foot and commercial sealcoating can drop as low as $0.13 a foot based on square footage. Every project is quoted individually and prices reflect the total scope. These prices are general, but usually what you can expect.


When Should I Sealcoat in the Year?

Asphalt emulsions (i.e. sealcoat and slurry seals) have a really specific temperature range that they can be applied in. This is usually average temperatures above 50 degrees over a 24 hour period and absolutely no lower than 40 degrees. This is due to the emulsions being a water based product that must fully evaporate for the remaining asphalt oil to set properly. Our season generally runs from May 1st through October 1st, with a little wiggle room on either side depending on weather. We keep a close eye on our nightly lows and will schedule our projects conservatively to ensure a solid product. Below you can see the average temperatures for Bozeman Montana. This gives a pretty good idea of the seasonal cut off points.

How Fast Does Our Schedule Fill Up?

We are usually operating on a one to two month outlook. This being said, early in the year always fills up fast with homeowners and business owners getting on our schedule right away. This way you get to enjoy your new driveway or parking lot for a little longer before the snow falls! We can run quotes all winter long, so there is no reason that a homeowner should put it off! 

How Long Does it Last ?

Bozeman Montana is quite possibly one of the hardest areas on asphalt pavement. The temperatures swings and extensive snow (and plowing) can degrade a surface fast. With this being said, we are confident in the longevity of our product meeting and in most cases exceeding any current industry standard which is widely recognized at 3-5 years. We recommend to property managers to plan on sealcoating every 3 years for the most benefit and greatest life of your pavement.

How Does Asphalt Degrade ?

Asphalt is composed of two primary ingredients: a mineral aggregate (a stone or sand that is typically light in color) and an asphalt binder (a dark black bituminous material). When this asphalt – the mix that includes up to 4% bituminous material – is put down it is dark black and flexible. As it is exposed to the oxygen in air, oxidization begins its slow and relentless work. Oxidization essentially forces the bituminous materials to bond tighter and tighter with the mineral aggregate. This process does two things: one, it changes the color of your driveway to more closely match the mineral aggregate (grey); two, it decreases the flexibility of the pavement making it more brittle and less durable.

Should I be Concerned What Product A Contractor is Using?

Yes! Just as any products in the world; there are good and there are bad. Bad products are Coal Tars and Gilsonite Sealers. We have numerous posts on these in our blog if you guys want to learn more. We use an asphalt emulsion and environmentally conscious product called PitchBlack. This product is an industry leader and, based on our experience and research, one of the best products for this area. We adjust our water content per job, but never dilute like some of the cheaper guys do. We guarantee that the product we place is legitimate and to an ASTM and FAA specification grade. 


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