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Sealcoat is an environmentally friendly and effective way to protect your pavement.

Crack Repair

Crack repair, or crack sealing, is the single most cost-effective type of preventative maintenance for your asphalt.

Line Striping

Keeping bright, vibrant lines in your parking is essential. We offer parking lot and residential line painting services.

Pothole Repair

Commonly used for pothole repair, asphalt patching is a highly effective repair solution without having to replace the entirety of the asphalt area.

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The Helena Team

Gabe Kissell

General Manager

Gabe, the General Manager of the YPS Helena branch, is a Butte, Montana native and a graduate of Montana State University. With his strong leadership skills, he oversees the operations of the Helena branch while ensuring that each client receives the highest level of service. Outside of work, Gabe enjoys the great outdoors and spends his free time duck hunting during the fall.

Abigail Kissell

Administrative Manager

Abigail is the Administrative Manager and has been with YPS since 2021. She grew up in the state of Maine and fell in love with Montana working for the Forest Service. At YPS Abigail enjoys finding and connecting with our valued employees, onboarding the team, maintaining a schedule and ensuring customer service is put first.
Spraying Sealcoating

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