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Line Striping

We provide line striping services for Montana. Our striping services include new lot layouts, existing restripes, tennis courts, basketball, courts, and ADA compliant parking lot painting. 

Line Striping Services

New Lot Layouts

We work with general contractors and property owners to lay out new ADA compliant lines on fresh asphalt parking lots.

Existing Restripes

Lines on an existing parking lot will usually need to be refreshed every 3-5 years. This is a cost effective way to keep your lot looking good.

ADA Compliance

Updating your parking lot to be ADA compliant is necessary project. We will happily come and ensure that your lot meets all code and ADA regulations.

Tennis Courts

Keep your tennis courts looking new with fresh lines. 

Basketball Courts

It’s hard to shoot a 3 if you aren’t able to see your lines. We can stripe your basketball court to both college and professional layouts.

Fire Lanes

Make sure your property is safe in an emergency situation. We paint curbs, speed bumps as well as any stencil you may need as a property owner.

Asphalt Marking service

Line Striping Keeps it Fresh

Your parking lot is the first impression that new and existing customers have while visiting your business. Keeping your striping up to date and looking clean will vastly improve the look of your business.

At Yellowstone Pavement Solutions, we can take the existing layout of a lot and add a new fresh coat of paint, or work with you to realize the efficient and aesthetic potentials that your parking lot holds. All of our lines and layouts conform with ADA specifications and we can work with your business to become compliant.

Our work hours are flexible and we can easily schedule around your business’ hours. Line paint dries quickly and once completed, a lot can be reopened within a few hours. We use a top-of-the-line water based parking lot and road striping paint in order to ensure a long last and high quality product. 

Helena Line Striping

Line Striping FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

How Often Do I Need to Stripe?

It all depends on how you like the look of your lot. We have a few clients who will restripe every two years so that their lot looks clean and professional. We have other instances where people will wait until there are no lines remaining to restripe. I would recommend every 3 years as a starting point and then adjusting it from there. 

How Soon Can I Drive on The Lot?

If it is a nice sunny day, our water-based marking paint will dry within a few minutes and allow for traffic in about an hour. We run in to situations regularly where lots can not be shut down completely, so we will stripe in sections and adjust our traffic flow pattern. This is a great solution to minimizing any headaches and we enjoy the challenge of traffic control.

How Much Does it Cost ?

Line Striping and pavement marking have the most variables when it comes to cost estimating. These jobs are bid individually and it is really hard to estimate the total price by shooting from the hip. Go ahead and give us a call and we can get you solid numbers quickly.


Does The Paint Type Matter ?

We believe it does. We have run both acrylic and water based paint through our machines as well has had extensive talks with manufacturers and our friends at the paint stores here in town. The consensus that we reached was that the Sherwin Williams ProPark brand water based paint is the best. It is not the cheapest, but it will hold its color and stay on your pavement longer.