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Sealcoat is an environmentally friendly, asphalt-based emulsion that protects your pavement by becoming a barrier and wear surface on your driveway or parking lot. When applied correctly, sealcoat further binds the asphalt - allowing the pavement to withstand the elements of Montana's seasons while reducing erosion and deterioration.

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Crack repair

Crack repair, or crack sealing, is the single most cost-effective type of preventative maintenance for your asphalt. Using hot, rubberized sealant, asphalt cracks are sealed; preventing water intrusion below the pavement, which leads to greater pavement cracking and eventually potholes.


line striping

A parking lot is your customers’ first experience with any business. Bright, vibrant paint helps your customers have a clear understanding of where to park and provides a safe experience with traffic and pedestrians. Striping can also be used in residential areas for sport courts or any other asphalt/concrete painting needs.

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asphalt patching

After saw cutting and removing the damaged asphalt, hot asphalt is laid and thoroughly compacted. Commonly used for pothole repair, asphalt patching is a highly effective repair solution without having to replace the entirety of the asphalt area.