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YPS Off-Season Update #1

YPS Off-Season Update #1

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The (snow covered) concrete slab for the new office!

The off season has arrived for the YPS crew (well, kind of) but we’ve still been staying busy with all sorts of projects around the shop.

In the last week, the Gallatin valley has received a healthy amount of snow and below freezing temps – a little early even by Montana standards. The weather has caused us to delay a few of our remaining striping and crack sealing jobs, but things look to be a lot better next week.

The biggest project we’ve got going on here is the building of our new office. It’s been a crazy couple months of preparation (see, dirt moving) but we got the concrete slab poured last week and are looking forward to materials arriving next week.

The new office will be 36’ x 48’, with a single pitched two story roof. We are super excited for the framing to begin and cannot wait to have a new place to call our own! For those that didn’t know, the original YPS office was a single wide trailer house that was put on the property in the early 70’s.

The beloved trailer certainly served its purpose (I even lived in it for a stint) but it has found a new owner and location in the hills of Three Forks. It was quite the production to see the moving crew come here, jack it up, hook it to a tractor, and pull it away.

Luke is hunting with family in the north east corner of Montana this week, so it’s just myself, Ted, and Elise holding down the fort. It sounds like they’ve had some success so far and we’re all keeping our fingers crossed for an elk.

I am going to try to update this at least once a week for the rest of the off season so keep in touch if you want to follow the escapades of the YPS crew!


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