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Yellowstone Pavement Solutions has unveiled their new safety initiative for construction, sealcoating, asphalt repair, crack repair, line striping and sweeping in the Bozeman, MT area!

A Safety Program by Yellowstone Pavement Solutions

Objective: To ensure the safety of all employees at Yellowstone Pavement Solutions

Background: The Target Zero Safety Program will be a culmination of all current safety information and protocols. This program will be used as a way to track safety meetings, equipment safety checks as well as a way to get feedback on safety from employees.

The “patch” will be put on all YPS equipment, vehicles and work attire to serve as a constant reminder for employees to have safety in the front of their mind. This program will also serve as good public relations to members of the community. It can be a way of bringing peace of mind to clients in knowing that we put the safety of employees at the top of the list.

The point of this endeavor is to relay to the public and ourselves that safety is always a number one priority on the job site.


Safety Manual

Each new employee at YPS will review the in-house Safety Manual. This manual will go over safety protocols, things to be aware of as well as emergency contact information. All employees will sign off acknowledging that they understand the information and agree to abide by the safety information within the manual.

Monthly Safety Review – Equipment Inspection and Employee Feedback

Each month, time will be set aside (15-20 minutes) to go over a review of our equipment. Crews and employees will be asked their thoughts on how we can better improve our safety culture. Safety concerns that were not immediately addressed at the time of first occurrence will be addressed and corrected at this time.

Weekly Toolbox Talks (more in depth)

Every week a foreman will set aside time to review an aspect of safety on the job site. These reviews will be more in depth on a specific piece of equipment or job site hazard. All employees will sign off on the safety sheets to acknowledge that they have understood the material and have no questions remaining on that subject.

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